Publications authored by the faculty, residents, fellows and students of the School of Medicine, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans.

Please note that if there are multiple LSUHSC authors, than the publication is slotted into the school of the first campus author.


Submissions from 2022


Repeat Transurethral Resection of Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer Prior to Radical Cystectomy is Prognostic but Not Therapeutic, Kelly K. Bree, Andrea Kokorovic, Mary E. Westerman, Patrick J. Hensley, Nathan A. Brooks, Wei Qiao, Yu Shen, Ashish M. Kamat, Colin P. Dinney, and Neema Navai

A Modular Surgical Simulator For Microlaryngoscopy Using Standard Instruments And The Carbon Dioxide Laser, Sara E. Bressler, Lacey K. Adkins, Michael E. Dunham, Rohan R. Walvekar, Jangwook P. Jung, Jorge A. Belgodere, Adam X. Bao, Lizabeth S. Breaux, Hunter C. Lee, Soheil Saneei, Austin P. Veal, and John S. Carleton

Physical Activity in Stage III Colon Cancer: CALGB/SWOG 80702 (Alliance), Justin C. Brown, Chao Ma, Qian Shi, Charles S. Fuchs, Jeffrey Meyer, Donna Niedzwiecki, Tyler Zemla, Felix Couture, Philip Kuebler, Pankaj Kumar, Dequincy Lewis, Benjamin Tan, Smitha Krishnamurthi, Eileen M. O'Reilly, Anthony F. Shields, and Jeffrey A. Meyerhardt

615 The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Implementation of a Psychological Distress Screening Program after Burn Injury., Nathan H. Brown, Jeffrey E. Carter, Paul A Nakonezny, and Herb A. Phelan

The Gain Of Function Scn1a Disorder Spectrum: Novel Epilepsy Phenotypes And Therapeutic Implications, Andreas Brunklaus, Tobias Brünger, Tony Feng, Carmen Fons, Anni Lehikoinen, Eleni Panagiotakaki, Mihaela Adela Vintan, Joseph Symonds, James Andrew, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Sarah Delima, Julie Gallois, Donncha Hanrahan, Gaetan Lesca, Stewart MacLeod, Dragan Marjanovic, Amy McTague, Noemi Nuñez-Enamorado, Eduardo Perez-Palma, M. Scott Perry, Karen Pysden, Sophie J. Russ-Hall, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Krystal Sully, Steffen Syrbe, Ulvi Vaher, and Murugan Velayutham

Development of a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Risk Prediction Model Using Electronic Health Record Data From an Academic Health System in the Southern United States, Charles M. Burns, Leland Pung, Daniel Witt, Michael Gao, Mark Sendak, Suresh Balu, Douglas Krakower, Julia L. Marcus, Nwora Lance Okeke, and Meredith E. Clement

Impact Of Dietary Walnuts, A Nutraceutical Option, On Circulating Markers Of Metabolic Dysregulation In A Rodent Cachectic Tumor Model, Lauri O. Byerley, Hsiao Man Chang, Brittany Lorenzen, Jessie Guidry, and W. Elaine Hardman

cRel and Wnt5a/Frizzled 5 Receptor-Mediated Inflammatory Regulation Reveal Novel Neuroprotectin D1 Targets for Neuroprotection, Jorgelina M. Calandria, Khanh V. Do, Sayantani Kala-Bhattacharjee, Andre Obenaus, Ludmila Belayev, and Nicolas G. Bazan


Goal Attainment after Treatment with Abobotulinumtoxina and A Tailored Home Therapy Programme in Children with Upper Limb Spasticity: Descriptive, Exploratory Analysis of A Large Randomized, Controlled StudyA, Jorge Carranza-Del Río, Nigar Dursun, Cigdem Cekmece, Marcin Bonikowski, Weronika Pyrzanowska, Edward Dabrowski, Ann Tilton, Joyce Oleszek, Magali Volteau, Simon Page, Angela Shierk, and Mauricio R. Delgado

KSHV (HHV8) vaccine: promises and potential pitfalls for a new anti-cancer vaccine, Corey Casper, Lawrence Corey, Jeffrey I. Cohen, Blossom Damania, Anne A. Gershon, David C. Kaslow, Laurie T. Krug, Jeffrey Martin, Sam M. Mbulaiteye, Edward S. Mocarski, Patrick S. Moore, Javier Gordon Ogembo, Warren Phipps, Denise Whitby, and Charles Wood

Framed and Reframed! The Art of Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to Combat Burnout, Tara Catanzano, Shahrzad Azizaddini, M. Jane Clayton, Theresa Pham, Sosamma T. Methratta, Michael D.C. Fishman, Franklin G. Moser, and N. Reed Dunnick

Localized Prostate Cancer: An Analysis Of The Cdc Breast And Prostate Cancer Data Quality And Patterns Of Care Study (cdc Poc-bp), Kenan Celtik, Christopher J.D. Wallis, Mary Lo, Kelvin Lim, Joseph Lipscomb, Steven Fleming, Xiao Cheng Wu, Roger T. Anderson, Trevor D. Thompson, Andrew Farach, Ann S. Hamilton, Brian J. Miles, and Raj Satkunasivam

Interplay: The Essential Role Between Insm1 And N-myc In Aggressive Neuroblastoma, Chiachen Chen and Michael S. Lan

Nox4 Expression In Osteo-progenitors Controls Bone Development In Mice During Early Life, Jin Ran Chen, Oxana P. Lazarenko, Michael L. Blackburn, Jennifer F. Chen, Christopher E. Randolph, Jovanny Zabaleta, Katrin Schroder, Kim B. Pedersen, and Martin J.J. Ronis

Advantages Of A Dedicated Orthopaedic Trauma Operating Room For Diaphyseal Femur Fractures, Corinne Cloud, Bronson Fong, Christopher Bloise, Claudia Leonardi, Peter C. Krause, and Olivia C. Lee

Bariatric Surgery Decreases Hospitalization Rates Of Patients With Obstructive Lung Diseases: A Nationwide Analysis, Vicente J. Cogollo, Roberto J. Valera, Cristina Botero-Fonnegra, Mauricio Sarmiento-Cobos, Lisandro Montorfano, Stephen J. Bordes, Carlos Rivera, Liang Hong, Emanuele Lo Menzo, Samuel Szomstein, and Raul J. Rosenthal

Repetitive Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Survey Of Female Adult Reconstruction Surgeons, Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, Nathan H. Varady, Olivia Leonovicz, and Antonia F. Chen

Keeping the Lights On: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Elective Total Joint Arthroplasty Utilization in the United States, Matthew W. Cole, Lacee K. Collins, Garrett H. Williams, Olivia C. Lee, and William F. Sherman

Epigenetic Regulation In Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors, Judy S. Crabtree

Impact Of A Mental Health Diagnosis On Emergency Department Adherence To Sepsis Care Guidelines, Kathleen A. Crapanzano, Rebecca Hammarlund, Mandi Musso, Leah Dlugolecki, Lauren Luce, Ross Divers, Luann Barnett, and Claude D’antonio

WAGR, Sex Reversal, Bilateral Gonadoblastomas, and Intralobar Nephrogenic Rests: Uncertainties of Pre-Biopsy Chemotherapy in a High Risk Syndrome for Nephroblastoma., Randall Craver, Matthew Stark, Stephanie Moss, Sarah Long, Pinki Prasad, and Christopher C. Roth

Low Rates Of Reporting Race, Ethnicity, And Socioeconomic Status In Studies Published In Top Orthopaedic Journals, Cody Crnkovic, Robert Quiring, Andrew G. Chapple, Amy Bronstone, Peter C. Krause, and Vinod Dasa

Using The Articularis Genu To Test Peri-articular Muscle Health During Knee Osteoarthritis, José A. Cruz Ayala, Mallory Crawford, Mary C. Gatterer, Maria Tovar, Jessica C. Rivera, Vinod Dasa, and Luis Marrero

“Treat Them Like a Human Being…They are Somebody’s Somebody”: Providers’ Perspectives on Treating Patients in the Emergency Department After Self-Injurious Behavior, Sara Wiesel Cullen, Cadence F. Bowden, Mark Olfson, Steven C. Marcus, Jeffrey M. Caterino, Abigail M. Ross, Stephanie K. Doupnik, and Gala true

Subgroup-specific Dose Finding For Phase I-ii Trials Using bayesian Clustering, Alexandra Curtis, Brian Smith, and Andrew G. Chapple

Expression Of The Preadipocyte Marker Zfp423 Is Dysregulated Between Well-differentiated And Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma, Thanh N. Dang, Rafael P. Tiongco, Loren M. Brown, Jessica L. Taylor, John M. Lyons, Frank H. Lau, and Z. Elizabeth Floyd

Prostatic Urethral Lift (pul) Clip Causing Postoperative Pain After Holmium Laser Enucleation Of The Prostate (holep), Justin David, Bryce A. Baird, Christian A. Ericson, Evan Mackenzie Gibbs, Jared J. Schommer, and Chandler D. Dora

A Rare Case Of Bk Virus Non-hemorrhagic Cystitis Following Lung Transplant, Justin David, Bryce A. Baird, Aziza Nassar, Laura Geldmaker, and Gregory A. Broderick

Impact of Alcohol on Bone Health in People Living With HIV: Integrating Clinical Data From Serum Bone Markers With Morphometric Analysis in a Non-Human Primate Model, Alexandra Denys, Allison Norman, Daniel S. Perrien, Larry J. Suva, Liz Simon, Lee S. McDaniel, Tekeda Ferguson, Kim Pedersen, David Welsh, Patricia E. Molina, and Martin J.J. Ronis

Racial Disparities In The Diagnosis Of Psoriasis, Taylor Dickerson, Ainsley Pratt, Marguerite O’Quinn, Marc Beuttler, J. Emerson Scheinuk, Andrew G. Chapple, and Myriam Guevara

Tachyarrhythmias During Hospitalization For Covid-19 Or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Children And Adolescents, Audrey Dionne, Kevin G. Friedman, Cameron C. Young, Margaret M. Newhams, Suden Kucukak, Ashley M. Jackson, Julie C. Fitzgerald, Laura S. Smallcomb, Sabrina Heidemann, Gwenn E. McLaughlin, Katherine Irby, Tamara T. Bradford, Steven M. Horwitz, Laura L. Loftis, Vijaya L. Soma, Courtney M. Rowan, Michele Kong, Natasha B. Halasa, Keiko M. Tarquinio, Adam J. Schwarz, Janet R. Hume, Shira J. Gertz, Katharine N. Clouser, Christopher L. Carroll, Kari Wellnitz, Melissa L. Cullimore, Sule Doymaz, and Emily R. Levy

Leveraging Adipocyte-cardiomyocyte Signaling To Treat Ischemic Heart Failure, Jake E. Doiron and David J. Lefer

Total Knee Arthroplasty After Ipsilateral Below-knee Amputation: A Review Of The Literature And Surgical Techniques, Katherine Dong, Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, and Molly Hartzler

Lack of Demographic Information in Total Hip Arthroplasty/Total Knee Arthroplasty Randomized Controlled Trial Publications, Katelynn M. Donnelly, Hannah G. Theriot, John P. Bourgeois, Andrew G. Chapple, Peter C. Krause, and Vinod Dasa

Novel Designer Benzodiazepines: Comprehensive Review Of Evolving Clinical And Adverse Effects, Amber N. Edinoff, Catherine A. Nix, Amira S. Odisho, Caroline P. Babin, Alyssa G. Derouen, Salim C. Lutfallah, Elyse M. Cornett, Kevin S. Murnane, Adam M. Kaye, and Alan D. Kaye

Access To Urologists For Participation In Research: An Analysis Of Nci's Community Oncology Research Program Landscape Survey, Shellie D. Ellis, Riha Vaidya, Joseph M. Unger, Kelly Stratton, Jessie Gills, Peter Van Veldhuizen, Eileen Mederos, Emily V. Dressler, Matthew F. Hudson, Charles Kamen, Heather B. Neuman, Anne E. Kazak, Ruth C. Carlos, and Kathryn E. Weaver

Intranasal Delivery Of Pro-resolving Lipid Mediators Rescues Memory And Gamma Oscillation Impairment In App Nl-g-f/nl-g-f Mice, Ceren Emre, Luis E. Arroyo-García, Khanh V. Do, Bokkyoo Jun, Makiko Ohshima, Silvia Gómez Alcalde, Megan L. Cothern, Silvia Maioli, Per Nilsson, Erik Hjorth, André Fisahn, Nicolas G. Bazan, and Marianne Schultzberg

A clinician’s guide for administration of high-concentration and facilitated subcutaneous immunoglobulin replacement therapy in patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases, Kristin Epland, Daniel Suez, and Kenneth Paris

Radical Cystectomy And Women's Sexual Health-can We Do Better?, Megan Escott, Svetlana Avulova, Kelly K. Bree, and Mary E. Westerman


Iatrogenic Portobiliary Fistula following Endoscopic Biliary Stent Placement: A Case Series and Review of the Literature, Alexandra H. Fairchild, Mark Lessne, Sameul Hanif, Sabeen Dhand, Shailendra S. Chauhan, Dionisios Vrochides, and Hector Ferral


Surgical Challenges and Considerations in Tri-Modal Therapy for Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer, Adam S. Feldman, Girish S. Kulkarni, Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Peter C. Black, Scott Delacroix, Seth P. Lerner, Ashish M. Kamat, and Wassim Kassouf

Hurricane Ida Emergency Medicine Resident Disaster Response, Ronald Fenton, Ben Flitter, Raymond Kessler, Kyle Herbert, and Meghan Maslanka

Nicotine And Novel Tobacco Products Drive Adverse Cardiac Remodeling And Dysfunction In Preclinical Studies, Nicholas D. Fried, Joshua M. Oakes, Anna K. Whitehead, Eric Lazartigues, Xinping Yue, and Jason D. Gardner

Ovarian Hormones Do Not Mediate Protection Against Pulmonary Hypertension And Right Ventricular Remodeling In Female Mice Exposed To Chronic, Inhaled Nicotine, Nicholas D. Fried, Anna Whitehead, Eric Lazartigues, Xinping Yue, and Jason D. Gardner

Cryptococcal Hsf3 controls intramitochondrial ROS homeostasis by regulating the respiratory process, Xindi Gao, Yi Fu, Shengyi Sun, Tingyi Gu, Yanjian Li, Tianshu Sun, Hailong Li, Wei Du, Chenhao Suo, Chao Li, Yiru Gao, Yang Meng, Yue Ni, Sheng Yang, Tian Lan, Sixiang Sai, Jiayi Li, Kun Yu, Ping Wang, and Chen Ding

Are We Compulsively Chasing Rainbows?, Olivier George, Serge H. Ahmed, and Nicholas W. Gilpin

Cholecystitis secondary to Salmonella typhi: a rare pathology with an unreported management option—a case report and literature review, Michael Ghio, Angelle Billiot, Jessica A. Zagory, and Mary L. Brandt

2022 Hope Babette Tang Humanism In Healthcare Essay Contest: Third-place Medical Student Essay: To Tend To A Life Story, Nali Gillespie

Serum Metabolomics Reveals Distinct Profiles During Ischemia And Reperfusion In A Porcine Model Of Myocardial Ischemia–reperfusion, Eric Goetzman, Zhenwei Gong, Dhivyaa Rajasundaram, Ishan Muzumdar, Traci Goodchild, David Lefer, and Radhika Muzumdar

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) Infections And Reinfections Among Fully Vaccinated And Unvaccinated University Athletes-15 States, January-november 2021, Mary K. Good, Michaila Czarnik, Kimberly G. Harmon, Doug Aukerman, Catherine S. O'Neal, Carly Day, Kyle Goerl, Katlynn Sifre, Steven Fink, and Margaret A. Riggs

Cancer As A Channelopathy—appreciation Of Complimentary Pathways Provides A Different Perspective For Developing Treatments, Harry J. Gould and Dennis Paul

Salivary Immunity Of Elite Collegiate American Football Players Infected With Sars-cov-2 Normalizes Following Isolation, Joshua Granger, Eunhan Cho, Kevin Lindsey, Nathan Lemoine, Derek Calvert, Jack Marucci, Shelly Mullenix, Hollis O’Neal, Brian A. Irving, Neil Johannsen, and Guillaume Spielmann

An Updated Patient-Centered Sialadenitis Instrument: The Obstructive Salivary Problem Impact Test (SPIT), Arushi Gulati, David M. Cognetti, David S. Cohen, M. Allison Ogden, Barry M. Schaitkin, Rohan R. Walvekar, William R. Ryan, and Jolie L. Chang

The Ca2+/CaM, Src kinase and/or PI3K-dependent EGFR transactivation via 5-HT2A and 5-HT1B receptor subtypes mediates 5-HT-induced vasoconstriction, Sahika Guner, Tamila Akhayeva, Charles D. Nichols, and Hakan Gurdal

Membrane component ergosterol builds a platform for promoting effector secretion and virulence in Magnaporthe oryzae, Ziqian Guo, Xinyu Liu, Nian Wang, Pengcheng Mo, Ju Shen, Muxing Liu, Haifeng Zhang, Ping Wang, and Zhengguang Zhang

Active And Passive Immunization With An Anti-methamphetamine Vaccine Attenuates The Behavioral And Cardiovascular Effects Of Methamphetamine, Colin N. Haile, Kurt J. Varner, Xia Huijing, Reetakshi Arora, Frank M. Orson, Thomas R. Kosten, and Therese A. Kosten

Impact On An Urgent Care Clinic Of A New Freestanding Emergency Department In A Resource-scarce Area, Diana Hamer, Glenn N. Jones, Michael R. Loewe, and Mandi W. Musso

Effect Of Medicaid Expansion On Visit Composition In A Louisiana Health Care System, Diana Hamer, Deekshith Mandala, Glenn Jones, Gerald M. Knapp, and Tonya Jagneaux

Antimicrobial Proteins: Structure, Molecular Action, and Therapeutic Potential, Mohamed Hassan, Thomas W. Flanagan, Naji Kharouf, Christelle Bertsch, Davide Mancino, and Youssef Haikel

Non-uniform aspects of the SARS-CoV-2 intraspecies evolution reopen question of its origin, Sk Sarif Hassan, Vaishnavi Kodakandla, Elrashdy M. Redwan, Kenneth Lundstrom, Pabitra Pal Choudhury, Ángel Serrano-Aroca, Gajendra Kumar Azad, Alaa AA. Aljabali, Giorgio Palu, Tarek Mohamed Abd El-Aziz, Debmalya Barh, Bruce D. Uhal, Parise Adadi, Kazuo Takayama, Nicolas G. Bazan, Murtaza Tambuwala, Samendra P. Sherchan, Amos Lal, Gaurav Chauhan, Wagner Baetas-da-Cruz, and Vladimir N. Uversky

Disparities In Pediatric Scoliosis: The Impact Of Race And Insurance Type On Access To Nonoperative Treatment For Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Michael J. Heffernan, Manaf Younis, Bryant Song, Bailli Fontenot, Ryan Dewitz, Jaysson T. Brooks, Claudia Leonardi, and Scott A. Barnett

Variation In The Hemoglobin Glycation Index, James M. Hempe and Daniel S. Hsia

A Broader Perspective on Motor Rehabilitation Guidelines for Cerebral Palsy., Ann Henderson Tilton, Keith Coffman, and Bhooma R Aravamuthan

Psychedelic Drug Abuse Potential Assessment Research For New Drug Applications And Controlled Substances Act Scheduling, Jack E. Henningfield, Marion A. Coe, Roland R. Griffiths, Sean J. Belouin, Ann Berger, Allison R. Coker, Sandra D. Comer, David J. Heal, Peter S. Hendricks, Charles D. Nichols, Frank Sapienza, Frank J. Vocci, and Farah Z. Zia

Microrna, The Innate-immune System And Sars-cov-2, James M. Hill and Walter J. Lukiw

Dispatches From The Age Of Crocodiles: New Discoveries From Ancient Lineages, Casey M. Holliday and Emma R. Schachner

Pooled Safety Analysis Of Strata2011 And Strata2016 Clinical Trials Evaluating The Use Of Stratagraft® In Patients With Deep Partial-thickness Thermal Burns, James H. Holmes IV, Leopoldo C. Cancio, Jeffrey E. Carter, Lee D. Faucher, Kevin Foster, Helen D. Hahn, Booker T. King, Randi Rutan, Janice M. Smiell, Richard Wu, and Angela L.F. Gibson

Association Of Obesity And Diabetes With The Incidence Of Breast Cancer In Louisiana, Fokhrul M. Hossain, Denise M. Danos, Qiufan Fu, Xinnan Wang, Richard A. Scribner, San T. Chu, Ronald L. Horswell, Eboni G. Price-Haywood, Bridgette M. Collins-Burow, Xiao Cheng Wu, Augusto C. Ochoa, and Lucio Miele

Telomere Length In Patients With Alcohol-associated Liver Disease: A Brief Report, Nazmul Huda, Praveen Kusumanchi, Kristina Perez, Yanchao Jiang, Nicholas J. Skill, Zhaoli Sun, Jing Ma, Zhihong Yang, and Suthat Liangpunsakul

Association Between Parental Leave And Ophthalmology Resident Physician Performance, Dana D. Huh, Jiangxia Wang, Michael J. Fliotsos, Casey J. Beal, Charline S. Boente, C. Ellis Wisely, Lindsay M. De Andrade, Alice C. Lorch, Saras Ramanathan, Maria A. Reinoso, Ramya N. Swamy, Evan L. Waxman, Fasika A. Woreta, and Divya Srikumaran

A Retrospective Review Of The Timing Of Glasgow Coma Scale Documentation In A Trauma Database: Implications For Patient Care, Research, And Performance Metrics, Iris E. Hunt, Blake E. Wittenberg, Brooke Kennamer, Clifford L. Crutcher, Gabriel C. Tender, John P. Hunt, and Anthony M. DiGiorgio

Use Of Polyvinyl Alcohol-porcine Small Intestine Submucosa Stent In The Prevention Of Anastomotic Leaks In The Porcine Colon, Henry Huson, Traci Goodchild, Lu Sun, Amy Scarborough, Tyler Novak, Benjamin Dubansky, John Morrison, and Ian Hodgdon

Latency Trend Analysis As A Guide To Screening Malignancy Survivors For Second Primary Thyroid Cancer, Mohammad Hussein, Lauren Mueller, Peter P. Issa, Muhib Haidari, Lily Trinh, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

Role of Adenylyl Cyclase Type 7 in Functions of BV-2 Microglia, Yawen Hu, Rebecca A. Hill, and Masami Yoshimura

Investigation of Vocal Bifurcations and Voice Patterns Induced by Asymmetry of Pathological Vocal Folds, Takeshi Ikuma, Andrew J. McWhorter, Lacey Adkins, and Melda Kunduk

Harmonics-to-noise Ratio Estimation With Deterministically Time-varying Harmonic Model For Pathological Voice Signals, Takeshi Ikuma, Brad Story, Andrew J. McWhorter, Lacey Adkins, and Melda Kunduk

The Diagnostic Performance of Ultrasonography in the Evaluation of Extrathyroidal Extension in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Peter P. Issa, Aaron L. Albuck, Eslam Hossam, Mohammad Hussein, Mohamed Aboueisha, Abdallah S. Attia, Mahmoud Omar, Seif Abdelrahman, Gehad Naser, Robert D.E. Clark, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

Cardiovascular Health by Graves’ Disease Management Modality – Surgery Versus Radioactive Iodine Versus Antithyroid Medications: A Network Meta-Analysis, Peter P. Issa, Mohammad Hussein, Mahmoud Omar, Ruhul Munshi, Abdallah S. Attia, Yusef Buti, Mohamed Aboueisha, Mohamed Shama, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

Radiologist Versus Non-radiologist Detection Of Lymph Node Metastasis In Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma By Ultrasound: A Meta-analysis, Peter P. Issa, Lauren Mueller, Mohammad Hussein, Aaron Albuck, Mohamed Shama, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Minimizes Lymph Node Metastasis In Braf Mutant Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas, Peter P. Issa, Mahmoud Omar, Yusef Buti, Chad P. Issa, Bert Chabot, Christopher J. Carnabatu, Ruhul Munshi, Mohammad Hussein, Mohamed Aboueisha, Mohamed Shama, Ralph L. Corsetti, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

Radiofrequency Ablation Of Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules: The First North American Comparative Analysis, Peter P. Issa, Mahmoud Omar, Chad P. Issa, Yusef Buti, Mohammad Hussein, Mohamed Aboueisha, Ali Abdelhady, Mohamed Shama, Grace S. Lee, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

End-of-Life Preferences in Older US Adults—Bridging the "What Matters" Chasm., Anand S Iyer and Cynthia J Brown

Project EPIC (Early Palliative Care In COPD): A Formative and Summative Evaluation of the EPIC Telehealth Intervention, Anand S. Iyer, Rachel D. Wells, J. Nicholas Dionne-Odom, Avery C. Bechthold, Margaret Armstrong, Jun Yeong Byun, Lanier O'Hare, Richard Taylor, Stephanie Ford, Jazmine Coffee-Dunning, Mark T. Dransfield, Cynthia J. Brown, and Marie A. Bakitas

Treatment Time And In-hospital Mortality Among Patients With St-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction, 2018-2021, James G. Jollis, Christopher B. Granger, Jessica K. Zègre-Hemsey, Timothy D. Henry, Abhinav Goyal, Jacqueline E. Tamis-Holland, Mayme Lou Roettig, Murtuza J. Ali, William J. French, Ram Poudel, Juan Zhao, R. Harper Stone, and Alice K. Jacobs

Closing The Hepatitis C Treatment Gap: United States Strategies To Improve Retention In Care, Austin T. Jones, Christopher Briones, Torrence Tran, Lisa Moreno-Walton, and Patricia J. Kissinger

Radiofrequency Ablation As A Novel Modality In The Usa For Treating Toxic Thyroid Nodules: Case Series And Literature Review, Emad Kandil, Mahmoud Omar, Abdallah S. Attia, Areej Shihabi, Mohammad Shaear, Tyler Metz, Peter P. Issa, Jonathon O. Russell, and Ralph P. Tufano

Racial Identification Represents Significant Risk Factor For Healthcare Disparity Among Patients With Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Treated With Tracheostomy, Adam Ahmad Karkoutli, Madhav KC, Muhammad Jawla, Michael R. Brumund, and Adele K. Evans

Association Of Abdominal Visceral Adiposity And Total Fat Mass With Cancer Incidence And Mortality In White And Black Adults, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Justin C. Brown, Shengping Yang, Emily F. Mire, Xiao Cheng Wu, Lucio Miele, Augusto C. Ochoa, and Jovanny Zabaleta

Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) after pediatric heart transplantation: A multi-institutional cohort, Mariska S. Kemna, Dennis W. Shaw, Richard A. Kronmal, Rebecca K. Ameduri, Estela Azeka, Tamara T. Bradford, Steven J. Kindel, Kimberly Y. Lin, Thomas Möller, Leigh C. Reardon, Kurt R. Schumacher, Renata Shih, Gail L. Stendahl, Shawn C. West, Bethany Wisotzkey, Steven Zangwill, and Jondavid Menteer

Using Health Insurance Claims Data To Assess Long-term Disease Progression In A Prostate Cancer Cohort, Saira Khan, Sanah Vohra, Laura Farnan, Shekinah N.C. Elmore, Khadijah Toumbou, K. C. Madhav, Elizabeth T.H. Fontham, Edward S. Peters, James L. Mohler, and Jeannette T. Bensen

From Psychiatry To Neurology: Psychedelics As Prospective Therapeutics For Neurodegenerative Disorders, Urszula Kozlowska, Charles Nichols, Kalina Wiatr, and Maciej Figiel

An Rtn4/nogo-a-interacting Micropeptide Modulates Synaptic Plasticity With Age, S. Kragness, Z. Clark, A. Mullin, J. Guidry, and L. R. Earls

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Acute Care Utilization Among Patients With Glomerular Disease, Jill R. Krissberg, Michelle M. O'Shaughnessy, Abigail R. Smith, Margaret E. Helmuth, Salem Almaani, Diego H. Aviles, Kaye E. Brathwaite, Yi Cai, Daniel Cattran, Rasheed Gbadegesin, Dorey A. Glenn, Larry A. Greenbaum, Sandra Iragorri, Koyal Jain, Myda Khalid, Jason Kidd, Jeffrey Kopp, Richard Lafayette, and Jerome C. Lane

Parameters Of Scratch Pleasurability In The Management Of Pruritic Conditions, Matthew LaCour, Sarah Rimmer, and Erica Kelly

Changes in Distribution of Severe Neurologic Involvement in US Pediatric Inpatients With COVID-19 or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children in 2021 vs 2020, Kerri L. LaRovere, Tina Y. Poussaint, Cameron C. Young, Margaret M. Newhams, Suden Kucukak, Katherine Irby, Michele Kong, Stephanie P. Schwartz, Tracie C. Walker, Melania M. Bembea, Kari Wellnitz, Kevin M. Havlin, Natalie Z. Cvijanovich, Mark W. Hall, Julie C. Fitzgerald, Jennifer E. Schuster, Charlotte V. Hobbs, Natasha B. Halasa, Aalok R. Singh, and Tamara T. Bradford

Pilot Phase Results Of A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial Of Narrowband Ultraviolet B Phototherapy In Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients, Frank H. Lau, Catherine E. Powell, Giacomo Adonecchi, Denise M. Danos, Andrew R. DiNardo, Robert J. Chugden, Peter Wolf, and Carmen F. Castilla

Ultraviolet Light Exposure Decreases Thyroid Cancer Risk: A National Perspective, Tessa R. Lavorgna, Mohammad Hussein, Peter P. Issa, Eman Toraih, and Emad Kandil

Inpatient Rehabilitation After Pediatric And Adolescent Trauma: Outcomes And Discharge Needs, Hannah Leblanc, Denise Danos, Rebecca Moreci, Lindsay Elliott, David C. Yu, and Jessica A. Zagory

Prehospital Tourniquets Placed On Limbs Without Major Vascular Injuries, Has The Pendulum Swung Too Far?, Timothy Legare, Rebecca Schroll, John P. Hunt, Juan Duchesne, Alan Marr, Jonathan Schoen, Patrick Greiffenstein, Lance Stuke, and Alison Smith

Factors Attributed To Breastfeeding Success In A Tertiary Obstetric Hospital, Felicia V. Lemoine, Caitlin Witt, Shelby Howard, Andrew Chapple, La Kedra Pam, and Elizabeth F. Sutton