Research Days & Events

LSU Health New Orleans Symposium Series on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in various forms is rapidly becoming an integral part of how we practice medicine, train our learners, and conduct scientific research. This technological revolution offers tremendous opportunities while also presenting significant challenges. Academic health centers must be prepared to adopt AI technologies in a fair, equitable, and ethical manner. Once a month, from 12-1:30, we will hear from experts on the following topics so that we can together develop a shared understanding of the complex issues surrounding the use of AI in so many aspects of our enterprise.

Medical Research Day

This program started in 2003 to provide research opportunities for medical students. Program Directors Dr. Fern Tsien and Dr. Jovanny Zabaleta help students to find mentors and conduct research at LSUHSC, the Louisiana Cancer Research Center, Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, University Medical Center, and clinics and research centers throughout the state. Students who received federal and regional awards to conduct summer or year-long research outside the state are also presenting their projects. During these programs, students conduct their own small research projects or collaborate on larger, on-going projects.

Open Access Week

LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO) Library launched its first-ever International Open Access Week in October 2023. This outreach initiative aimed to connect with the research and health science communities and educate people about Open Access research and publishing. The goal is to help people understand how Open Access is important for global healthcare progress. We did this through engaging educational presentations, hands-on workshops, and discussions. By raising awareness of Open Access publishing, we hope to help shape a world where important scientific research information is available to all, and global collaboration and progress can flourish.

Event Organizers:

David Trillo, Scholarly Communication Librarian

Sharon Duffy, Research Services Librarian

Surgery Research Symposium

Dr. Nfonsam, Dr. Moaven, and Dr. Phelan hosted the 1st Annual Research Symposium on May 4, 2023. The symposium featured original scientific work completed by the Department of Surgery's students, residents, and fellows. This work showcases the creative and diverse interests of the Department's research portfolio.