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Assistant Professor of Physiology 1933-1946 / note on back of painting reads: Alonzo G. Eaton, PhD A native of Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Dr. Eaton was born February 18, 1901 and attended Pennsylvania State University, from which he was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1924. He was awarded his Master of Science degree in 1928 by West Virginia University and received his Doctor of Philosophy in physiology from the University of Rochester in 1932. He served in the faculties of West Virginia University and the University of Rochester prior to joining the faculty of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans on March 1, 1933, as an assistant professor of physiology. He served in the Department of Physiology until his death in New Orleans, March 6, 1946.

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Donated by Physiology the Library June 2023


28" x 31"

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Ische Library

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