Field, Forensic, And Legal Epidemiology

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Epidemiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach


Field epidemiology is the practical application of epidemiologic knowledge, skills, and methods to resolve population-based public health problems. The core functions of field epidemiology are outbreak investigation, conduct of public health surveillance, collection and analysis of epidemiologic data, engage in epidemiologic judgment, and dissemination and communication of epidemiologic findings. Forensic epidemiology is an area of field epidemiology developing as a specialization. Forensic epidemiology uses epidemiologic field methods to support criminal investigations. Field-based forensic epidemiology is described as the application of public health methods in a field-based setting to investigate health-related criminal events, an integration of public health, epidemiology, and law. Legal epidemiology is an advancing area of epidemiology practice. The legal epidemiology field is an area of scientific study and the deployment of law as a factor in the cause, distribution, determinants, and prevention of health and disease in a population.

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Epidemiology For The Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach