Infectious Disease Epidemiology

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Epidemiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach


Infectious disease epidemiology is a branch of epidemiology that examines the distribution and determinants of diseases of an infectious nature. The essence of infectious disease epidemiology is the focus on the interaction among individuals within a population. An area of prime importance for infectious disease epidemiologists is the interaction between cases and contacts. The fundamentals of infectious disease epidemiology are grounded in the interaction between a causative agent, host, and the environment. Modes of transmission are an integral component to understanding infectious disease epidemiology and are discussed in the chapter. Infectious epidemiology also considers the interaction between individuals within the population group, especially the interaction between infectious cases and potential contacts. Nurses are frequently on the front line of contact with the patient and are essential members of the healthcare team in breaking the chain of infection.

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Epidemiology For The Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach