Self-Reported Likelihood of a Future Suicide Attempt: The Role of Plans for Suicide

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Archives of Suicide Research


Objective: The present study seeks to add to the existing literature by determining if having a plan for suicide, is associated with an individual’s self-reported likelihood of attempting suicide in the future. Method: Data came from a sample of 97 United States Army personnel with past week ideation or lifetime attempt history. Assessments were collected at baseline, 1-month, 3-month, and 6-months. Results: Self-reported likelihood of attempting suicide in the future was not associated with the presence of a plan for suicide overall or a plan with a specific method (i.e., firearm, cutting/scratching, and medication). Discussion: Although a plan for suicide is commonly thought to indicate elevated risk our findings suggest that presence or absence of suicide plans is not associated with more self-reported likelihood of a future suicide attempt.

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