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Frontiers in Immunology


Molecular carcinogenesis is a multistep process that involves acquired abnormalities in key biological processes. The complexity of cancer pathogenesis is best illustrated in the six hallmarks of the cancer: (1) the development of self-sufficient growth signals, (2) the emergence of clones that are resistant to apoptosis, (3) resistance to the antigrowth signals, (4) neo-angiogenesis, (5) the invasion of normal tissue or spread to the distant organs, and (6) limitless replicative potential. It also appears that non-resolving inflammation leads to the dysregulation of immune cell metabolism and subsequent cancer progression. The present article delineates immunometabolic reprogramming as a critical hallmark of cancer by linking chronic inflammation and immunosuppression to cancer growth and metastasis. We propose that targeting tumor immunometabolic reprogramming will lead to the design of novel immunotherapeutic approaches to cancer.

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