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2023 Joint Chapter Meeting : South Central Chapter (SCC)/Southern Chapter (SC), New Orleans, LA, September 21-26, 2023


Objective: The aim is to construct an institutional repository (IR) focused on a health science campus that encompasses intellectual output of the faculty and students while preserving campus work and promoting open access.

Methods: The Digital Commons Institutional Repository software/platform has enabled us to create and continuously build digital collections. Several librarians on our team are responsible for different collections in the IR. The digital collections include journals, faculty/student publications, poster presentations, data sets, campus artwork, and other campus-related materials. We are also in the process of developing a workflow and metadata standard that facilitates accurate descriptions of how to add content to the repository.

Results: We have added over 1,500 items and have over 10,000 downloads from December 2022 to July 2023 without a formal launch.

Conclusions: The collections we have created so far represent a broad and vast overview of our health science campus. These digital collections include faculty and student research publications. Our most robust collection consists of faculty publications gathered from several databases, CVs, and individual submissions. Other items added to the IR represent historical items associated with the institution. For future collections we are working with an outside health science organization that would like to take advantage of our IR to host journals and publications. As every collection is added, we are creating a reproducible workflow that can be used by others. Furthermore, we have been using standard metadata formats to add items to our IR.


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