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In 2021, approximately 248,530 new prostate cancer (PCa) cases are estimated in the United States. Hispanic/Latinos (H/L) are the second largest racial/ethnic group in the US. The objective of this study was to assess DNA methylation patterns between aggressive and indolent PCa along with ancestry proportions in 49 H/L men from Puerto Rico (PR). Prostate tumors were classified as aggressive (n = 17) and indolent (n = 32) based on the Gleason score. Genomic DNA samples were extracted by macro-dissection. DNA methylation patterns were assessed using the Illumina EPIC DNA methylation platform. We used ADMIXTURE to estimate global ancestry proportions. We identified 892 differentially methylated genes in prostate tumor tissues as compared with normal tissues. Based on an epigenetic clock model, we observed that the total number of stem cell divisions (TNSC) and stem cell division rate (SCDR) were significantly higher in tumor than adjacent normal tissues. Regarding PCa aggressiveness, 141 differentially methylated genes were identified. Ancestry proportions of PR men were estimated as African, European, and Indigenous American; these were 24.1%, 64.2%, and 11.7%, respectively. The identification of DNA methylation profiles associated with risk and aggressiveness of PCa in PR H/L men will shed light on potential mechanisms contributing to PCa disparities in PR population.

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