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Background: Previous studies have shown that different alcoholic beverage types impact prostate cancer (PCa) clinical outcomes differently. However, intake patterns of specific alcoholic beverages for PCa status are understudied. The study’s objective is to evaluate intake patterns of total alcohol and the three types of beverage (beer, wine, and spirits) by the PCa risk and aggressiveness status. Method: This is a cross-sectional study using 10,029 men (4676 non-PCa men and 5353 PCa patients) with European ancestry from the PCa consortium. Associations between PCa status and alcohol intake patterns (infrequent, light/moderate, and heavy) were tested using multinomial logistic regressions. Results: Intake frequency patterns of total alcohol were similar for non-PCa men and PCa patients after adjusting for demographic and other factors. However, PCa patients were more likely to drink wine (light/moderate, OR = 1.11, p = 0.018) and spirits (light/moderate, OR = 1.14, p = 0.003; and heavy, OR = 1.34, p = 0.04) than non-PCa men. Patients with aggressive PCa drank more beer than patients with non-aggressive PCa (heavy, OR = 1.48, p = 0.013). Interestingly, heavy wine intake was inversely associated with PCa aggressiveness (OR = 0.56, p = 0.009). Conclusions: The intake patterns of some alcoholic beverage types differed by PCa status. Our findings can provide valuable information for developing custom alcohol interventions for PCa patients.





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