Using Deliberate Practice and Simulation for Psychomotor Skill Competency Acquisition and Retention

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Nurse educator


Background: Quality, safe patient care is dependent on graduates who are proficient in the psychomotor skills of nursing. Competent skill acquisition and retention are key to reducing skill-based errors and reducing the risk of adverse patient events. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of deliberate practice combined with skill practice during high-fidelity simulation (HFS) scenarios on urinary catheter insertion skill competency and retention in prelicensure nursing students. Methods: A convergent, parallel mixed-methods design was used. Results: The group participating in skill practice before and during HFS scenarios demonstrated a reduction in errors when performing the skill and an improvement in retention of skill competency. Conclusions: This article describes how the combination of deliberate skill practice prior to and during HFS scenarios may improve student skill acquisition and retention.

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