Clinical And Healthcare Epidemiology And Evidence-based Healthcare

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Epidemiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach


Clinical epidemiology is considered a basic science of medical practice that informs diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic clinical decisions related to individual healthcare. Healthcare epidemiology broadens the scope of clinical epidemiology to include various types of healthcare settings not limited to the acute care setting. It is a more comprehensive term to use to designate epidemiology of clinical care in both acute and primary care settings. This chapter provides an overview of healthcare epidemiology, inclusive of clinical infectious hospital-acquired infections, and the basis of health care epidemiologic data in evidence-based healthcare. Healthcare epidemiologists are expert clinicians who provide information and education in areas such as but not limited to infectious diseases, infection control and prevention principles, antibiotic stewardship, occupational health and safety, and prevention of hospital- or healthcare-acquired infections or health conditions, along with regulatory compliance guidance.

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Epidemiology For The Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach