Epidemiology In Health Policy And Program Evaluation

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Epidemiology for the Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach


Epidemiologic data can be used as the evidence base to substantiate the development of public health policy. In addition, epidemiologic measures can be used to generate the data necessary to substantiate public health program effectiveness. Essentially, epidemiologic measures serve as evaluative metrics to determine programmatic improvements in population health. Quality improvement metrics can be epidemiologically based for continual quality analysis. Nurses engage in public health policy development, implementation, evaluation, and analysis. Additionally, nurses are involved in policy advocacy for individuals and communities. This chapter defines health policy and differentiates the types of policy. It describes the policy development process and discusses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policy process model, a nationally accepted policy model that can be applied to population-based community problems. The chapter also distinguishes among efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency, and presents the PDSA model.

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Epidemiology For The Advanced Practice Nurse: A Population Health Approach