Pelvic Organ Preservation In Non–muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer: Less Is More

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European Urology Focus


Radical cystectomy (RC) is a treatment option for high-risk non–muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) but is associated with high morbidity and a negative impact on quality of life. Reproductive or pelvic organ–sparing cystectomy (ROSC) techniques have emerged as a potential strategy to mitigate some potential effects of standard RC. Here we discuss current knowledge regarding oncological, functional, and sexual function outcomes associated with ROSC and their applicability in NMIBC. These outcomes can be used to make informed clinical decisions regarding cystectomy technique in appropriately staged and selected patients with NMIBC. Patient summary: We reviewed results for bladder cancer control, urinary function, and sexual function after removal of the bladder with and without techniques to spare reproductive or pelvic organs. We found evidence of better sexual function outcomes with a sparing approach without compromise of cancer control. Further studies are needed to assess urinary function and pelvic floor–related outcomes.