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Background: Methamphetamine use disorder (MUD) is a growing health concern with no FDA-approved treatment. The present series of studies build upon our previous work developing an anti-methamphetamine (MA) vaccine for MUD. We determined the effects of a formulation that included tetanus-toxoid (TT) conjugated to succinyl-methamphetamine (TT-SMA) adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide (alum) in combination with the novel Toll-Like Receptor-5 agonist, entolimod. Methods: Mice were vaccinated (0, 3, 6 weeks) with TT-SMA+alum and various doses of entolimod to determine an optimal dose for enhancing immunogenicity against MA. Functional effects were then assessed using MA-induced locomotor activation in mice. Experiments using passive immunization of antibodies generated by the vaccine tested its ability to attenuate MA-induced cardiovascular effects and alter the reinforcing effects of MA in an MA-induced reinstatement of a drug seeking model of relapse in male and female rats. Results: Antibody levels peaked at 10 weeks following vaccination with TT-SMA+alum combined with entolimod (1, 3 and 10 µg). MA-induced locomotor activation was significantly attenuated in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated mice and antibody levels significantly correlated with ambulation levels. Passive immunization decreased mean arterial pressure following MA dosing in rats of both sexes but did not alter heart rate. Passive immunization also attenuated the ability of MA to reinstate extinguished drug-seeking behavior in male and female rats. Results support further development of this vaccine for relapse prevention for individuals with MUD.



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