Simplifying Bony Midface Reconstruction with Patient-specific Titanium Plates

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open


Summary: Virtual surgical planning and patient-specific osteosynthesis plates provide reconstructive surgeons with the ability to proceed with facial reconstruction of expanding complexity. Moreover, these advances have been shown to reduce the energy, effort, and operating time while helping guide the surgeon toward anatomically correct results. The currently available literature regarding custom-milled plates pertains mostly to reconstructive surgery of the mandible. This small 3-patient series illustrates the use of patient-specific titanium plating to simplify complex reconstruction of the midface. Composite defects requiring multiple bony and soft tissue segments are difficult to reconstruct intraoperatively without prior planning. Custom plates and associated cutting guides based on patient-specific anatomy allow for a more streamlined, stepwise protocol for assembly of intricate constructs. Custom-manufactured hardware will precisely fit bony contours and minimize additional manipulation of both the bone and plate, maximally preserving internal strength and allowing for improved stability, dental occlusion, and spatial positioning. In addition to these mechanical benefits, the ease of mind and overall cost reduction through a reduction in procedural time are significant advantages offered by pre-designed plates. We hope that this series illustrates the value of custom-printed plates for midface reconstruction.


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