Avoiding Spurious Low Platelet Counts by Redrawing Specimens with First Time Low Platelet Counts

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Fetal and Pediatric Pathology


Introduction: We reviewed our policy of redrawing our pediatric patients with first time platelet counts /ml to assess the frequency of correction. Materials and methods: In a Children’s Hospital 25-month review of patients that underwent automatic redraws due to low first time platelet counts, we determined the frequency of corrected counts and the sites where these original low platelet counts originated. Only the repeat draw results were reported. Results: Of 99 children with redrawn specimens, 62% of platelet counts corrected. The most frequent corrections occurred in specimens from the emergency department (74%), pediatric intensive care (71%), and operating room (67%), the fewest from the cardiac intensive care (38%) and general hospital floors (44%). Conclusions: The policy of redrawing patients with first time platelet counts 62%, and avoided delays and additional charges for repeat testing ordered by the provider.


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