Nano guardians of the heart: A comprehensive investigation into the impact of silver nanoparticles on cardiovascular physiology

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Current Problems in Cardiology


Globally, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) constitute the leading cause of death at the moment. More effective treatments to combat CVDs are urgently required. Recent advances in nanotechnology have opened the door to new avenues for cardiovascular health treatment. Silver nanotechnology's inherent therapeutic powers and wide-ranging applications have made it the center of focus in recent years. This review aims to analyze the chemical, physical, and biological processes ofproducing AgNPs and determine their potential utility as theranostics. Despite significant advances, the precise mechanism by which AgNPs function in numerous biological systems remains a mystery. We hope that at the end of this review, you will better understand how AgNPs affect the cardiovascular system from the research done thus far. This endeavor thoroughly investigates the possible toxicological effects and risks associated with exposure to AgNPs. The findings shed light on novel applications of these versatile nanomaterials and point the way toward future research directions. Due to a shortage of relevant research, we will limit our attention to AgNPs as they pertain to CVDs. Future research can use this opportunity to investigate the many medical uses of AgNPs. Given their global prevalence, we fully endorse academics' efforts to prioritize nanotechnological techniques in pursuing risk factor targeting for cardiovascular diseases. The critical need for innovative solutions to this widespread health problem is underscored by the fact that this technique may help with the early diagnosis and treatment of CVDs.

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