Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons' Coding and Billing Position Statement on Ancillary/Adjunct Penile Prosthesis Surgical Procedures: Part I

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OBJECTIVE: To create a society position statement on common adjunct penile prosthesis (PP) procedures. While the Medicare Current Procedural Terminology code book lists descriptions of procedures, it is very brief and lacks detail in the small subspecialty of prosthetic urology. At educational/research meetings, wide variation was found in how experts in prosthetic urology code the same procedures, and need for a standardized format in billing common ancillary surgery was voiced. METHODS: A subcommittee within the Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons developed a survey assessing coding options for several procedures commonly adjunct to PP placement, which was distributed in the fall of 2022. The results of the survey were used to develop consensus statements on coding adjunct PP procedures; statements were distributed among society membership and meetings for approval. RESULTS: Thirty members replied to the survey; demographics were obtained as follows: 73% were trained in a fellowship, 50% identified as university/academic practitioners, and 50% in community/private practice; and 63% respondents place more than 50 implants annually. Only 1 of the 30 respondents stated confidence in coding for these ancillary procedures. Specifically, differences in how to code curvature correction procedures were observed throughout the survey results. CONCLUSION: Only 1 in 30 prosthetic urologists expressed confidence in coding and billing of adjunct PP procedures, further confirming the need for a society position statement. Therefore, we generated a consensus society position statement on common surgeries that are adjunct to PP placement.

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