Unveiling the role of rare earth dopant in metal molybdate nanocomposites via facile microwave-combustion strategy and their effect on antibacterial activity

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Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie


Developing a robust material holding antimicrobial assets has been an efficient strategy for reducing the risk of infections related to healthcare, significantly with medical devices and touch surfaces. Molybdenum-based compounds have drawn momentous attraction because of their unique characteristics. A series of undoped and 5 % rare earth (Ce & La) doped metal (Ni, Co & Bi) molybdate nanocomposites have been prepared by facile microwave combustion method and characterized. The present study investigates the effect of dopants on crystal structure and morphology, and their impact on anti-bacterial properties is noticed. The UV-Vis. absorption spectra of all samples show a broad absorption band between 280 and 430 nm. The antibacterial properties of the prepared nanocomposites have been examined by the agar diffusion method against three Gram-positive and two Gram-negative bacteria, showing good bactericidal efficiency for all samples, except 5 % Ce-NiMoO4 (antibacterial activity exclusively against Gram-positive bacteria) and 5 % La-NiMoO4 (no antibacterial activity) nanocomposites. This work provided a novel pathway in the biomaterial field.

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