Rates of Operative Management for Achilles Tendon Rupture Over the Last Decade and the Influence of Gender and Age.

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Foot & Ankle Specialist


BACKGROUND: With emerging evidence supporting functional rehabilitation for Achilles tendon ruptures (ATRs), this study sought to evaluate the treatment trends for patients sustaining an acute ATR and whether gender and age may influence the rates of operative repair. METHODS: A retrospective database review identified ATRs from 2010 through 2019. Patients were then stratified into three cohorts based on age (18-30, 30-45, and 46 and older), separated by gender, and then assessed whether patients were treated operatively or not. Cochran-Armitage Trend test was performed to analyze the trends of operative management. Chi-square analyses were performed to assess whether the proportion of patients who received operative management in each age cohort differed from 2010 to 2019. Logistic regression analyses were performed to assess whether gender influenced treatment. RESULTS: Over the previous decade, the total rates of operative treatment for ATR significantly decreased (18.3%-12.3%, P < .0001). Each individual age cohort experienced a proportional decrease in operative management when comparing 2010 with 2019 (all P < .0001). Within all age cohorts, males were significantly more likely to receive operative treatment for an ATR over the previous decade (odds ratios: 2.63-3.22). Conclusion. Overall rates of operative management for ATR decreased across all cohorts likely due to previous studies providing evidence of similar results between operative and nonoperative managements. Over the previous decade, males were demonstrated to be far more likely than females to undergo operative management. Why females are less likely to receive an operation for ATR is likely multi-factorial and requires further exploration. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Level III: Retrospective comparative study.

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