Endocrine Causes of Hypertension

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Current hypertension reports


Purpose of review: To discuss selected endocrine causes of hypertension and to provide practical clinical recommendations regarding the evaluation and treatment of these disorders. Recent findings: More than 15 endocrine disorders with varying rates of prevalence can cause hypertension. For example, primary aldosteronism may exist in up to 20% of patients with resistant hypertension. Recognition of these important secondary causes of hypertension is essential to provide contemporary targeted therapies in order to improve long-term disease outcomes. Clinicians must have a broad understanding of the prevalence, clinical presentation, and current diagnostic modalities for endocrine causes of hypertension to facilitate prompt referral, identification, and optimal management of these disorders. Endocrine causes of hypertension are multifactorial and, in some cases, widely prevalent. It is important for clinicians considering secondary causes of hypertension to be knowledgeable about the underlying pathophysiology of these disorders and to understand when additional evaluation and treatment may be needed.

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