Characterization of Adult Patients With Guillain–barré Syndrome During the Arboviral Infection Outbreaks in Honduras

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Journal of the Neurological Sciences


Arbovirus infections have been associated with a wide spectrum of neurological manifestations. Among these, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is one of the most common. This study describes the characteristics of GBS associated with arbovirus infections during the outbreak which occurred in Honduras from January 2016 to February 2019. This was an observational retrospective study of adult patients who were diagnosed with GBS during that time. The diagnosis of GBS was based upon the criteria first published by Asbury, et al. and subsequently revised as the Brighton Criteria. A total of 91 patients with GBS constituted the study population. RT-PCR tests for ZIKV, CHIKV, and DENV arboviruses were performed in 47 (52%) of the patients. Of the tested population, 8/47 were positive for one of the arboviruses (5/8 for ZIKV, 3/8 for CHIKV; 0/8 for DENV). The clinical profile of the eight cases with GBS and arboviral infection did not differ significantly from the GBS patients who tested negative for ZIKV and CHIKV. In the cases with GBS and ZIKV, a parainfectious onset of the disease was suggested. Although not a strikingly large number of patients with GBS and arbovirus infection were seen, the close temporal relationship in these eight cases suggests an arbovirus (ZIKV and CHIKV) etiology.

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