Microvascular Dysfunction in Obesity-Hypertension

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Current Hypertension Reports


Purpose of Review: This review aims to explore the role of microvascular dysfunction in obesity-hypertension, discuss the effects obesity has on renal microvasculature, review the current methods for assessing microvascular dysfunction and available therapeutic options, and identify critical areas for further research. Recent Findings: There is a strong association between obesity and hypertension. However, the pathophysiology of obesity-hypertension is not clear. Microvascular dysfunction has been linked to hypertension and obesity and could be an important mediator of obesity-related hypertension. Newer therapies for hypertension and obesity could have ameliorating effects on microvascular dysfunction, including GLP-1 agonists and SGLT-2 inhibitors. Summary: There is still much progress to be made in our understanding of the complex interplay between obesity, hypertension, and microvascular dysfunction. Continued efforts to understand microvascular dysfunction and its role in obesity-hypertension are crucial to develop precision therapy to target obesity-hypertension.

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