Total Parathyroidectomy Without Autotransplantation For Esrd Patients With Secondary Hyperparathyroidism; An Effective Alternative

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American Surgeon


Background: The most common operations performed for secondary hyperparathyroidism include subtotal parathyroidectomy (STPX) and total parathyroidectomy with autotransplantation (TPX + AT). We present a series of ESRD patients treated with total parathyroidectomy without autotransplantation (TPX). Methods: This is a retrospective cohort analysis of ESRD patients, age 18 years or older, with three or more glands resected on final pathology and follow-up parathyroid hormone levels obtained up to 1.5 years postoperatively. The primary endpoint was recurrence of hyperparathyroidism (defined as PTH > 500 pg/mL). Results: The incidence of recurrent hyperparathyroidism at 1.5 years was 5.9% (2/34). The incidence of persistent hyperparathyroidism at 1.5 years was 11.8% (4/34). In this series, no patients were hospitalized for symptomatic hypocalcemia or experienced pathologic bone fractures. Conclusions: Recurrence rates are low with TPX. The most common cause of recurrent and persistent disease is resection of three rather than four glands. The known complications of TPX, pathologic fractures, and severe hypocalcemia, were not seen in this study.

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