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International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Nischarin (Nisch) is a cytosolic scaffolding protein that harbors tumor‐suppressor‐like characteristics. Previous studies have shown that Nisch functions as a scaffolding protein and regulates multiple biological activities. In the current study, we prepared a complete Nisch knockout model, for the first time, by deletion of exons 5 and 6. This knockout model was confirmed by Qrt– PCR and Western blotting with products from mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cells. Embryos and adult mice of knockouts are significantly smaller than their wild‐type counterparts. Deletion of Nisch enhanced cell migration, as demonstrated by wound type and transwell migration assays. Since the animals were small in size, we investigated Nisch’s effect on metabolism by conducting several assays using the Seahorse analyzer system. These data indicate that Nisch null cells have lower oxygen consumption rates, lower ATP production, and lower levels of proton leak. We examined the expression of 15 genes involved in lipid and fat metabolism, as well as cell growth, and noted a significant increase in expression for many genes in Nischarin null animals. In summary, our results show that Nischarin plays an important physiological role in metabolic homeostasis.

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