Strengthening the Response to Disasters and Trauma

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Community Resilience: Equitable Practices for an Uncertain Future


Chapter 10 opens with the Gulf Research Program’s Lauren Alexander Augustine presenting four pilot programs from around the country that illustrate the cornerstones of community resilience. Next, Benjamin Springgate examines resilience as a reflection of individual communities and describes a research network that promotes research on resilience-strengthening practices. Lourdes J. Rodríguez and Sheila B. Savannah then explain how neighborhoods that are striving for resilience should be involved like patients in the process of healing. Finally, three contributors offer unique perspectives on resilient communities: Traci L. Birch looks at why resilience efforts should also focus on inland communities that are no longer immune to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather. And Joie B. Acosta and Elka Gotfryd encourage us to think broadly about resilience as they explore opportunities to build responsive social infrastructure through engaged citizen participation.

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