The Olga-olgim Staging And The Interobserver Agreement For Gastritis And Preneoplastic Lesion Screening: A Cross-sectional Study

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Stomach cancer (SC) incidence and mortality are relevant public health issues worldwide. In Colombia, screening for preneoplastic lesions (PNL) and the presence of H. pylori is not routinely performed. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate OLGA-OLGIM staging and the interobserver agreement in gastritis and preneoplastic lesions in patients with gastroduodenal symptoms from Colombia. A cross-sectional study was conducted in 272 patients with gastroduodenal symptoms. Gastric biopsies were taken following the Updated Sydney System with the OLGA-OLGIM classification, and the results were evaluated by two pathologists. Chronic gastritis and PNL were reported in 76% and 24% of the patients, respectively. Furthermore, 25% of the patients with PNL displayed gastric atrophy (GA) and 75% intestinal metaplasia (IM). Agreement in the histopathological reading for IM was good, whereas for OLGA was variable, and for the H. pylori quantity was poor. OLGA-OLGIM stages 0-II were the most frequent (96%), while stage III (4%) and SC (4%) were the least frequent. Age and coffee consumption were associated with a higher prevalence of PNL. This work determined that 4% of the population is at high risk of developing SC and would benefit from follow-up studies. Reinforcement of training programs to improve the agreement in histopathology readings is required.

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