Maternal Hypertension and Early-Onset Neonatal Neutropenia

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Fetal and Pediatric Pathology


Objective: Maternal hypertension is considered a risk factor for early neonatal neutropenia. We sought to explore this relationship. Study Design: This retrospective cohort study compared initial neutrophil counts in infants born to mothers with preeclampsia with severe features (PSF) and infants born to normotensive mothers using Negative Binomial Regression (NBR) and logistic regression models. Results: Maternal hypertension negatively affected the early neonatal neutrophil count (adjusted NRB coefficient 0.4 [0.2, 0.6], p < 0.0001) but did not increase the risk of neutropenia (OR 2.07 [0.97, 4.41], p = 0.06). The initial neutrophil count and neutropenia risk were not different between PSF subgroups. Gestational age had the greatest impact on neutropenia risk (OR 0.72 [0.64, 0.81], p < 0.0001). Almost all neutropenia resolved within 48 h. Conclusion: Maternal hypertension negatively affects the early neonatal neutrophil count while not increasing the risk of neonatal neutropenia.

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