Treatment Of Acute Pain In Patients On Naltrexone: A Narrative Review

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Current Pain and Headache Reports


Purpose of Review: The tissue damage and trauma associated with surgery almost always result in acute postoperative pain. The intensity of postoperative pain can range from mild to severe. Naltrexone is suitable for patients who do not wish to be on an agonist treatment such as methadone or buprenorphine. However, naltrexone has been shown to complicate postoperative pain management. Recent Findings: Multiple studies have found that the use of naltrexone can increase the opioid requirement for postoperative pain control. Other modalities exist that can help outside of opioids such as ketamine, lidocaine/bupivacaine, duloxetine, and non-pharmacological management can help manage pain. Multimodal pain regiments should also be employed in patients. Summary: In addition to traditional methods for postoperative pain management, other methods of acute pain control exist that can help mitigate opioid dependence and help control pain in patients who use naltrexone for their substance use disorders.