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Medicina (Lithuania)


Background and Objectives: The molecular mechanisms of the development of acute kidney injury (AKI) after kidney transplantation are not yet clear. The aim of this study was to confirm the genes and mechanisms related to AKI after transplantation. Materials and Methods: To investigate potential genetic targets for AKI, an analysis of the gene expression omnibus database was used to identify key genes and pathways. After identification of differentially expressed genes, Kyoto En-cyclopedia of Genes and Genome pathway enrichment analyses were performed. We identified the hub genes and established the protein–protein interaction network. Results: Finally, we identified 137 differentially expressed genes (59 upregulated genes and 16 downregulated genes). AKAP12, AMOT, C3AR1, LY96, PIK3AP1, PLCD4, PLCG2, TENM2, TLR2, and TSPAN5 were filtrated by the hub genes related to the development of post‐transplant AKI from the Protein–Protein Interaction (PPI) network. Conclusions: This may provide important evidence of the diagnostic and therapeutic biomarker of AKI.

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