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Molecular Cancer


Tumor-derived exosomes (TDEs) have been shown to impede anti-tumor immune responses via their immunosuppressive cargo. Since dendritic cells (DCs) are the key mediators of priming and maintenance of T cell-mediated responses; thus it is logical that the exosomes released by tumor cells can exert a dominant influence on DCs biology. This paper intends to provide a mechanistic insight into the TDEs-mediated DCs abnormalities in the tumor context. More importantly, we discuss extensively how tumor exosomes induce subversion of DCs differentiation, maturation and function in separate sections. We also briefly describe the importance of TDEs at therapeutic level to help guide future treatment options, in particular DC-based vaccination strategy, and review advances in the design and discovery of exosome inhibitors. Understanding the exosomal content and the pathways by which TDEs are responsible for immune evasion may help to revise treatment rationales and devise novel therapeutic approaches to overcome the hurdles in cancer treatment.




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