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(1) Purpose: The aim of the present study was to compare the bond strength between two 3D-printed resins designed for long-term provisional crowns and three different reline materials. (2) Materials and Methods: Rectangular specimens were prepared from two 3D-printed resins (Envision Tech and NextDent C&B) and a conventional self-cure PMMA. Transparent tubes filled with three different reline materials including composite resin, Bis-acryl, and PMMA were bonded to the 3D-printed specimens (n = 11 per group, total of 6 study groups). Tubes filled with PMMA were bonded to the prepared PMMA specimens which served as the control group (n = 11, control group). The specimens were subjected to a shear bond strength (SBS) test, and mode of failure was recorded using light microscopy. Statistical analysis was performed using a one-way ANOVA and post hoc Tukey’s tests (alpha = 0.05). (3) Results: The highest SBS value was achieved to both 3D-printed materials with the PMMA reline material. The bond to both 3D-printed materials was lower with Bis-acrylic or composite resin relines in comparison to that with PMMA (p-value < 0.05). No significant difference was found between the control PMMA group and either 3D-printed material when relined with PMMA (p-value > 0.05). (4) Conclusion: The tested 3D-printed resins achieved a clinically acceptable bond strength when relined with PMMA.

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