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To date, no study has evaluated blood pressure following administration of each carpule given for dental procedures using a computerized dental anesthesia system. Blood pressures taken prior to performing invasive periodontal procedures were compared with those readings measured following delivery of each of up to three consecutive carpules of Marcaine or Xylocaine in varying order. Pressure differences were also adjusted for age, sex, race, and whether a prescribed anxiolytic was taken beforehand. Neither systolic nor diastolic blood pressures changed significantly as compared to initial blood pressure readings. However, compared with Whites, Hispanics, and Middle Easterners, Blacks had significantly higher systolic pressure at the third carpule delivery, the cause being unknown. Blood pressure in patients being anesthetized for root planing and various periodontal surgical procedures will not increase significantly when administering up to three carpules, whether Marcaine or Xylocaine, in varying order, using controlled flow dental anesthesia, and this method may be preferable to syringes in managing dental procedural stress.

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