The Esthetic Biological Contour Concept for Implant Restoration Emergence Profile Design

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Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry


Objective: Emergence profile design is important for stable peri-implant tissues and esthetically pleasing results with dental implant restorations, influenced by factors, such as, implant position and surrounding soft tissues. Different aspects of the emergence profile have been described, but detailed explanations of the different zones and corresponding designs are missing. This article describes the esthetic biological contour concept (EBC), differentiating important areas of the emergence profile and recommending particular designs for those zones. Overview: The EBC concept considers specific parameters for proper design of the emergence profile of implant-supported restorations. Understanding the different zones of the emergence profile and their relation to factors like implant position, implant design, and soft tissue thickness is key. The suggested guidelines are geared toward providing more stable and esthetic results when restoring dental implants in the esthetic zone. Conclusions: Each of the zones described in the EBC concept have a specific function in the design of the emergence profile. Understanding the importance and specific design features of the EBC zones facilitates esthetic and biologically sound treatment outcomes with interim and definitive implant restorations. Clinical significance: Proper emergence profile design supports esthetic outcomes and provides favorable biological response to implant-supported restorations.

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