Perio-prosthodontic pontic site management, part II: Pontic site reconstruction strategies to enhance the esthetic and biological outcomes

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Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry


Objective: Ridge deformities are present in most patients after tooth extraction; these defects make the management of future implant and pontic sites challenging to deal with. The restorative team should be able to diagnose and treat these deformities to allow for successful outcomes. Many approaches have been described to reconstruct pontic sites, each with specific indications. This article describes the different approaches to reconstructing pontic sites and their indications to allow for a proper esthetic and biological environment for future restorations. Clinical Considerations: Depending on the severity of the defect, location, and the esthetic necessity, pontic site enhancement can be done through different approaches, some requiring soft tissue grafting, hard tissue grafting, or both. Understanding the indications of the treatment options is essential to allow the clinician to make the right therapeutic decision and achieve the best possible perio-prosthodontic outcomes. Conclusions: An adequate balance between the soft tissue and prosthetics is essential to achieve successful results on implant-supported or tooth-supported fixed dental prostheses (FDPs). Selecting the right approach to treat ridge deformities is necessary to increase treatment success, reduce over-treatment, and create a biologically sound environment for restorations. Clinical Significance: Pontic site enhancement through reconstructive surgery will allow for esthetically pleasing and biologically stable results, allowing restorations to emulate natural structures lost after tooth extraction.

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