Identification of interprofessional education variables to support replicability and generalizability of scholarly outcomes

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Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice


Background: Inconsistent reporting of IPE study variables hampers replicability and generalizability of interprofessional education (IPE) research. Purpose: The purpose of this review was to develop an evidence-based list of IPE variables that allows researchers to account for variability in learning environments and outcomes across institutions. Method: A systematic database search was conducted, narrowing to 17 relevant IPE articles. IPE terms were identified in each article. A final list of variables was agreed upon and categorized using Fink's guide for significant learning experiences. Results: Forty-three variables were identified and classified into the four categories: identifying situation factors, identifying learning goals, formulating assessment procedures, and selecting effective learning activities. Conclusions: An IPE variable list was developed for consistent activity reporting by educators and researchers. Implementation and subsequent refinement of these variables would assist in establishing a format for reporting of IPE scholarly work that better supports the advancement of interprofessional science.