Submissions from 2023


Community risks for SARS-CoV-2 infection among fully vaccinated US adults by rurality: A retrospective cohort study from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative, Alfred Jerrod Anzalone, Jing Sun, Amanda J. Vinson, William H. Beasley, William B. Hillegass, Kimberly Murray, Brian M. Hendricks, Melissa Haendel, Carol Reynolds Geary, Kristina L. Bailey, Corrine K. Hanson, Lucio Miele, Ronald Horswell, Julie A. McMurry, J. Zachary Porterfield, Michael T. Vest, H. Timothy Bunnell, Jeremy R. Harper, and Bradley S. Price


Identification of interprofessional education variables to support replicability and generalizability of scholarly outcomes, Tina P. Gunaldo, Erin Abu Rish Blakeney, Amy V. Blue, Amanda J. Kirkpatrick, Kelly Lockeman, Devin Nickol, Julie Schiavo, Sarah Shrader, Joseph Zorek, and Alan Dow

Submissions from 2021


An exploratory, cross-sectional and multi-institutional study using three instruments to examine student perceptions of interprofessional education., Tina Patel Gunaldo, Kelly Lockeman, Karen Pardue, Anthony Breitbach, Kathrin Eliot, Amanda Goumas, Ginge Kettenbach, Sharon Lanning, and Bernice Mills