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Legal Aspects of Student Social Media Behavior in Health Sciences Education


Background: Social media has changed the way humans communicate and socialize. While this new communication strategy can be very beneficial, there are also significant drawbacks. The actions of health sciences students on social media can have detrimental effects on their education, reputation, and the reputations of their institutions.

Objective: This paper discusses the unique implications of health sciences students’ behavior while using social media and many of the legal issues which can result.

Methods: The author searched several medical, legal, and interdisciplinary databases using terms relating to social media, health sciences students, and legality. Results: Health sciences students’ unprofessional behavior on social media platforms can affect their chances of being admitted into an institution and their chances of being dismissed from their programs. However, students are not always aware of what constitutes unprofessional or unethical behavior nor the legal precedents they may be violating.

Conclusions: Through this literature review, the author recommends that all institutions provide education in the responsible use of social media and the laws surrounding it. Institutions should also develop honor codes and social media policies to guide student behavior.


MLA/SCC 2022 New Orleans

May 3-6, 2022

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